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Изменено (idobadstuff): 1/4/2019 6:21:13 PM

(PSN/NA) PassivAggressivGuardians is looking for dedicated raiders.

PAGS is is a clan with a wide player base ranging from casual players who have been around since D1 and end game enthusiasts some of which just recently picked up the game. Since Forsaken there has been a greater overall interest in raiding within the clan so we started running mid week raids on top of our normally scheduled weekend events. Since that time we have had a core group of people within the clan that consistently sign up for raids, and we are hoping to add to that pool. Our main requirement is that you are mature and respectful to everyone you play with in clan activities. Having 50 clears on Last wish wont impress anyone if you are a nightmare to play with. Just as an example, a few players of our original members dont appreciate hearing gross amounts of profanity in their chats, so as a group we try to respect that when raiding with them. No one is getting kicked for cursing by any means, we just ask that you be mindful of who is in chat. The group of raiders we currently have is roughly in between the ages of 25-50, so we are not really looking to add any 15 year olds to the roster as of yet. Overall we take a pretty relaxed approach to raiding but often we will set up speed/triumph runs for a bit more of a challenge. The more experience you have raiding the better, mind we are more than willing to teach as we know not everyone has had the opportunity to run it with a clan. Coming in with zero clears is fine as long as you are willing to learn each part of every raid eventually. We dont carry people, so please be confident in your overall Destiny ability. If PAGS sounds like a clan you would like to be a part of, msg me @idobadstuff on PSN or here on bungie. Please include a brief description of your experience raiding (or lack of) in d2, after that we can hop in a strike and chat to see what you are looking in a clan and whatnot. If for some reason I am out of town or do not respond the other PSN admins are @GambitRSA15 @bkaline and @Hill-Bill-EE. We look forward to hearing from you! Clan page:

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