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Destiny 2

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1/3/2019 5:08:02 PM

Destiny Holiday Sherpa

First off, shout out to all my sherpas out there. If you finally got some friends onto D2 over the holiday, I salute you. As you run through the forsaken campaign for the 9th time, remember that you're doing god's work. I purchased Forsaken for a couple friends over Christmas break. I've run one of them through everything from launch to Forsaken, and I've taken the other through just Forsaken and a week of the Dreaming City. This put their light levels at 530 and 560 respectively. There are things that they love, things they hate, and things that they will do but treat as a chore. No surprise here, but they hate Enhancement Cores. Crucible though... Oh boy, do they hate Crucible. Granted, I started calling it cancer simulator before we played our first match... but I wanted to temper their expectations. Probably not a smart move for someone as PvP oriented as me, but c'est la vie. Gambit. These boys love Gambit and they're honestly showing me how to have fun in the game again. They don't care about their loadouts. They don't care about their light level. They don't even really care about winning. They just legitimately enjoy the game mode. We got the meatball to spawn on a gambit run. Honestly, our team lost because we were laughing too hard after I referred to it Mara's Grand Spiky Butthole. When I told them afterwards that they missed their chance at the Malf, they didn't even care. They're simply enjoying the here and now. If there's anything I want to take into 2019, it's their view of D2. It's not some competitive game with high stakes and people don't care about your stats/light/loadout/etc. It's just supposed to be a fun game to play with friends. Try a goofy loadout, run an odd subclass, whatever. Sometimes it's up to us to find the fun in a game and that's never going to happen if we can't "lighten up" as a community. Anywho, I hope to see you Guardians out there in 2019. -- A satisfied sherpa

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