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[PC] Large clan recruiting fun players who want an active/supportive community

Collective Conscious is recruiting, but other clans are, too. So why should you choose us? In Collective Conscious, you’re more than a clan member, and we encourage both members and guests alike to embrace the community that so many of our members have come to love, and even find themselves returning to when they become bored of Destiny 2 between updates. Our clan members make us what we are, and we invite you to become a part of a quickly growing community of active, friendly, and knowledgeable Destiny players. Here are some quick facts about our clan, which we’ve grown from one small clan back in April to seven full clans, and are preparing to open more: [b][u]Our members are all active players[/b][/u] - We check activity on a weekly basis to ensure all members are contributing towards keeping our clan community vibrant and thriving [b][u]Our members are capable raiders[/b][/u] - 4,342 raid clears between the top 10 raiders in our clan (average 434) - 36 raid clears average over all clan members - 220 raid clears average over the top 50 clan members (10,817 raids between them!) - Our sherpas are rigorously tested to ensure consistent learning experiences [b][u]Our members voluntarily give back to the community[/b][/u] - Staff applications are open to all members - Clan members have volunteered to program Discord bots and an official website is currently under construction - We’re working on targeted video tutorials for advanced raid strategies [b][u]We are inclusive[/b][/u] - Guests (non-members) are not locked out of chats (including LFG) and voice channels Collective Conscious is all about community; we are always striving to further this goal. The staff is always adapting, and always looking for what's next. You can always expect a change, or something new to be added. We take your feedback seriously, because our clan is moulded and shaped by you. Additionally, because of that strong sense of community, we've attracted some of the best teachers in the game. We'd love nothing more than for you to come and test that claim for yourself (#1 spire of stars and Leviathan teacher on PC in the clan btw). Furthermore, our activity levels are nothing to scoff at. You can be sure your clan mates are active because we check activity on a weekly basis. We do this from gathering statistical data from both Discord and Destiny, and compile it all for an accurate picture of each member's activity levels. Even when the game hits its lowest points, we can guarantee you'll still be playing with some new-found friends, whether during one of our weekly game nights (anything from Destiny speedruns and challenges to online games like Pretend You're Xyzzy), or in a random raid or strike you happen to join. Come; join the Collective Conscious So, to answer the question. Why should you join our clan instead of others? Well that's simple! You should join our clan because you're looking for a clan that is going to constantly be expanding. A place that you can count on to have active and friendly players, somewhere that you know you can relax. A place that always has great teachers. And most importantly: because we have cookies If you're wanting to join. Please jump in our Discord (it's a requirement to join) Discord: A reminder that our Discord is MANDATORY! Please join with the link provided above!

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