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12/31/2018 8:09:34 AM

Post Master alert

I was Turning my cookies to the vendors but I forgot that I had a few weapons with high light level that I needed for my other characters. Thoes weapons had good roles too. The problem is that they got delete. My issue is that You guys should solve the problem on , when ever the post office is full , that You guys should send a Alert in orbit, crucible, raid, or just in world's. Not only when you in the tower but in everywhere you at. A Alert that comes up in front of your screen in RED because sometimes we are busy killing or having fun. The alert should say if you don't pass in 1 hour all the EXTRA items are going to disappear. I also want a solution were it still holds every item even though it's already pass it's capacity but only for 1 hour or less. So that when people see the alert people can just rush to postmaster , and delete the gear they don't need or to equip the new gear they want to keep. I hope you guys notice this and consider it

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