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12/30/2018 3:45:53 PM

Destiny 2 RP Server

The Burn comprises of what was once the Junonia Sprawl, a massive labyrinth of Awoken Habitats and installations spreading across a great section of 3 Juno, housing tens of thousands of Awoken along with their small population of Fallen Wolves who pledged loyalty to the Queen. Following the death of Queen Mara Sov and the subsequent collapse of the Reef the Sprawl was caught in a devastating series of bombings from both internal malcontents among the Wolves who took the opportunity to rebel against their Overlords as well as external raids conducted by the Scorn. The last and most catastrophic of which set the very generated atmosphere alight, wiping out about 80% of the Awoken population. As paradoxical as it can seem for there to be a firestorm within a vacuum the venerable Atmosphere Generators installed across the planetoid’s face ensure that the inferno will have a steady supply of Oxygen for centuries to come. If that intrigues you in the slightest don't hesitate to join my Destiny Roleplay Server. Dare to venture into [i]The Burn[/i]

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