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12/28/2018 3:23:45 AM

[PC][EoW][NA][LFG] Looking to do Prestige EoW Lair for first time

Hey Dads, new dad here myself and I recently began raiding in D2 by giving in and just accepting there is no matchmaking, so will try the LFG thing. Anyways, I'm starting Eater of Worlds lair since it seem easier. I don't have anyone to raid with as no one in my in-game clan seems to be online when I am or want to help. I have completed normal once and run through some of the checkpoints in Prestige last week so it is relatively fresh. I could use with some experienced help. I want the Prestige for the emblem/triumph and a 400 level weapon ;-). When I did Normal I was not a runner, so that would be something I'd like to learn, but mostly just want to clear it. I probably can play after 9pm-9:30pm EST on most weekend nights. Maybe can schedule another week night if I know in advance. I can do LFG posts as well, but would like some experienced player(s) to anchor a team?

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