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Crag, Part 3

Part 2: Putting my hands down, I looked to the edge of the clearing and spotted a woman leaning against a tree at its edge, one arm holding her ribs and the other hanging limply with a pistol in hand. I approached her at a walk so I wouldn’t alarm her, and as I grew closer saw that she was soaked with rain and her leather-padded outfit was stained crimson across half her body. She wore a simple white cloak, but its hood was down to reveal a muddied face. “Serry,” she slurred, seeming hardly able to pronounce the word, “You were doin’ fine, but… I had a score.” “Thanks,” I nodded. “Ya a Guardian?” she inquired. I cocked my head questioningly. “Yes,” a voice answered, and I looked over my shoulder to see Ghost floating over from the tree line. I hadn’t realized he had stayed behind for the fight. “Me ta,” she seemed to be having trouble working her tongue properly, and her natural slur made it worse, “Was with these’ns. Thain’t like us.” “I’m sorry,” I had no way to express how I felt about her loss. “Me ta…” she sank to her knees, keeping her weight against the tree, “Found ‘em an ‘idn’t wanna leave ‘em out. Fallen found us.” I assumed that the Fallen were the aliens. My eyes fell upon the gash in her side, then to the pistol in her hand. It was a revolver, elegant although simple in form and traced with patterns of black and grey. “Ma piece?” the woman grunted the best laugh she could manage, “Take it.” “I coul-“ I began to refuse, but she shoved it up into my stomach. “Take it,” she commanded, “Ma Ghos is gone an I’m goin’.” Reluctantly, I took the gun and held it in my left hand so I could hold her outstretched hand with my right. It was the only comfort I could think of. “Shucks, I shoulda worn ma nice cape,” she pulled a smile, “Least I got some’un in the end.” I just stood with her hand in mine, waiting for her to slip away. “Ya don’t talk much,” she sighed, “Seem new, ta. Hope ya get ta the City.” “Your name?” I asked. “Don’t matter,” she mumbled, “Folk that know meh ‘ill ‘member meh. Ya save that sentiment fer folk ya know. All ya need from meh is that there piece.” “Any requests?” I offered my service. “Matter o’ fact…” she smirked, “Piece is from a gone friend. S’important, don’t lose it. Don’t misuse it.” “I won’t,” I promised. “An don’t die bein’ stupid,” she ordered, “Ta many stupids, need some brains out there. Do important stuff.” “I won’t,” I repeated. “Quiet, honest, purtty eyes… where wa ya before I done an got knocked?” she seemed genuinely amused. I wasn’t certain if she was growing delirious or not. “Light…” she murmured, her eyelids drifting downwards, “Fergot ta give some’un a good lick before I… befer…” Her eyes closed and she passed out, slumping against the tree. I held onto her hand, but it wouldn’t be long before the blood loss killed her. “Ghost,” I kept my gaze on the woman, “Can you do anything?” “No,” he answered flatly. Unable to do anything else, I picked her up and kneeled with her in my lap, not letting go of her hand still. It felt wrong to leave her while she still breathed. She could still wake up, after all. Several minutes passed. Her blood began soaking my shirt and pants, but the flow was slowing and the rain was rinsing a lot of it out. “It’s over,” Ghost broke the silence, and I looked down to see that her chest had stopped rising and falling. Sighing defeatedly, I set her down against the tree and pulled her hood over her head. As I straightened it out over her eyes, I realized that I liked the cloak, aside from its light color. I wouldn’t take hers, but I’d need to see about getting another for myself. I stood, switching the pistol to my right hand and gripping it tightly. “Let’s go.” Legend Untold Table of Contents: [i]Merry Christmas and a happy new year![/i]

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