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Изменено (FuzzyGhost): 2/10/2019 2:18:23 AM

Ability Cancel Grenades and Mayhem

I've been enjoying the Mayhem playlist, as I can let loose with my abilities, get better with them, etc. EXCEPT I've been running into to enemy team composition that is nothing but them spamming the ability cancel grenade. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of this playlist, doesn't it? Granted, it is worse in regular crucible matches; times where I had to wait forever for super charge, only to get hit with the grenade as you activate your super. However, they can't spam the grenade in a regular crucible match, and have to think about whether it is the right time to use it. Not so in Mayhem. I just think the grenade should be nerfed, or even outright banned in mayhem matches.

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