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12/20/2018 11:13:25 AM

Why you should Leave/Rage Quit Competitive when you are losing, and Why I do.

I make a habit of quitting games that I am losing in competitive. Why do I make a habit of quitting games that I am losing you ask? The answer is simple, the only reason I am playing competitive in the first place is to farm kills for a -blam!-ing quest. If I am not farming enough, most of the time when we are losing, then I am just wasting my time BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO BE IN COMPETITIVE in the first place, but if I don't play I can't make progress on my quest. I will continue quitting competitive matches because me sticking around for games where I won't get a ton of kills isn't worth my time. I suspect there are lots of people like me. If you ban us long term, or even just from competitive then we have no reason to play the game at all, if there is content we will never be able to get, and then the already sad player count drops even more. Anyways, I encourage you all to quit competitive games that aren't conducive to farming because its not worth your time to do anything else.

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