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Bungie and Community Jokes

Before reading I advise you to use MLG voice for the best affect. Also this is not one of my stupid satire post so don’t get triggered, this is just a collage of jokes I came up with while browsing the community. Don’t like em well that’s your opinion. And your allowed to express it how want. —————————————————- Hunters: I think we should nerf nova warp. Warlock: But then Blade barrage will be the most powerful so we should also nerf that to balance out the supers. Hunters: -blam!- off with your opinion! ————————————————- Wormhusk is a victim to time. All these people saying one eyed mask should be nerfed are completely right. Titans will say that we have wormhusk. But fail to realize that it was nerfed due to their bitching and moaning. In reality if titans got that helmet in Warmind it would likely have been nerfed. If hunters got wormhusk in forsaken then titans would want a nerf hunters would say use one eyed mask. But if both were released at the same time the only people complaining would be warlocks. ———————————————— Community: Nerf Sleeper. Bungie: Decreased Fighting Lion damage to be brought in line with other breach-load Grenade Launchers. Community: D: ————————————————- Him: How were you able to afford this much salt? Me: Simple. I went to the crucible and feedback sub forums. They give it out for free. ————————————————— I found two large boxes in the dumpster outside bungie HQ. One was labeled Good ideas and the other was labeled Community feedback. ————————————————— Drifter: Bank your notes and you get a primeval. Guardian holding motes: Hold on guys I dropped my wallet on the other side of the map. ———————————————— Shotgun user: Nerf Telesto! Telesto user: No 🖕 Telesto user: Nerf Shotguns! Shotgun user: Hello there. ——————————————— PvP pleb: Remove supers from PvP! Me: You must be the guy who said remove titans from titanfall. ———————————————— Community: exotics are too common. Bungie: Exotics drop less frequently. Community: Bungie what the -blam!-! Me: make up you damn mind. ———————————————— Community: bungie is the worst company ever. EA: That’s where you’re wrong kiddo. ————————————————— Average player: I just got Luna! Solo players: How? Average player: I made a fireteam. Solo players: You can do that? ———————————————— Me: Everything the light touches will be yours. New player: What about that dark spot down there. Me: No! You must never go there, those are the crucible sub forums. ———————————————— Feel free to add your own jokes. :D Edit: I’m adding another one. Hunters: Can we get something like a OHK throwing knife? Bungie: Lucky Pants will no longer reload Hand Cannons that are not stowed. Hunters: 🖕

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