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Canary Error, can’t play without disconnecting soon after?

Lately I have not been able to play Destiny 2 without disconnecting because I get the canary and rarely the moose error. I follow all steps in the help article but it’s not helping so far. I’m on Xbox one and am an alpha member of the Xbox preview program and have a wired connection (internet test results show nothing wrong). My boyfriend has his own Xbox wired via Ethernet in one room and I have one in another room as well. I have an open network status with no packet loss or other issues that I can see. All games, twitch, internet, etc seem to work fine it’s just Destiny 2. Although, I don’t know for certain it’s Destiny 2, my network, or Xbox One. I do know this seems to have just started recently. I used to play without this happening. I might wind up just having my internet provider (Xfinity) come out to check everything however I could be charged if it’s not their issue (equipment/etc). I would love to be able to play without being booted, Any help is appreciated. [b][u]MY LOG[/u][/b] [b]12/16:[/b] • Errors: canary (moose - only 1 time I believe) • Times kicked to orbit/main menu: 10 • Unable to complete activities due to this issue so I wound up logging off.
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