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Need a fresh Clan that focuses on tackling Destiny activites with a relaxed tempo? AGP is recruiting for XB1!

You ever need just a nice clan that has no strict expectations, demands and/or requirements? Don't you find it easier to play the game when you're doing it with folks that just want to lay back and give no damns about any negativity when they play? Then this is the clan for you. A Gangster's Paradise (yes, based off the song) is now recruiting! As a Clan, we'll be focusing on getting everything done in a Weekly reset as a basic start. However, we'll expand based on if any other members need assistance with certain tasks (Pinnacle quests, Bounties,etc.) We will also offer training/promotion sessions for those wanting to get higher up within the Clan, all of which is organized by the staff. It's currently void of any members and I'm looking for Guardians who want to partake in building and playing inside a both easy-going and pleasant community. Although we do have rules to keep things in check, our end-game motto is just to have fun as we go through the world of D2. Interested in joining? All you need is a Discord and to follow the link which will be provided upon your request. Once you're in, take a look at the rules and settle down with some banter. So come on over, we'll be spending our lives in a Gangster's Paradise.

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