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Destiny 2

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11/28/2018 2:03:53 AM

Sparrow Racing League is the answer...just saying..

Yes! Bring it back! Let bungie see this!


No! Go play a racing game! (I hate u if u choose this Ecks Dee)

189’s something to do so idc...


Grapes anybody? ;)


-New sparrows. **Check.** -Bring back trick sparrows. **Yep.** -About 50+ Sparrows. (Legendary and exotic combined) **Hell yes! More variety!** -Foundry sparrows now introduced. (Hakkë and now Tex Mechanica) **Now SRL has racing sponsors, PERFECT!** -Lore about SRL Legend Marcus Ren, other racers, and people talking about it more recently. **see where I’m going with this?** -Cry babies who tell you to go play a racing game just because either they’re not good at racing games or just hate the idea cause it’s “Racing in a first person shooter” **well can u go #%@&! off and YOU play a racing game then** -VERY BALANCED!! **Except the forklift and Timegater and raid sparrows of course...**

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