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I have a request

Something i've been thinking about for a while that i've really wanted in Destiny........ Stats Bungie, please can you make this happen, i know this seems like a super vague request, let me explain. I would like to see detailed stats on activities. examples 1) Raids, I would like to see the damage done by each player at each encounter, not just total kills, deaths and such. If you fail at a boss it shows the individual players kills, deaths, and damage, i would like to see this on the site broken out, not a summary 2) blind well stats, kills, boss kills, maybe a triumph for blind well completions, maybe even multiple for different tiers 3) the forge/forges, right now it shows up as we were exploring the EDZ, zero stats about the encounter at all. 4) Heat Maps for crucible and possible more stats shown. I remember the Halo days, and we had stats for everything, heat maps, etc etc, please incorporate these things into these activities. I understand this is a low on the totem poll request with things you have going on, just wanted to put it out there. thank you for your time

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