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Destiny 2

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12/5/2018 6:47:58 AM

This is childish Bungie

For anyone who’s curious, check out my last played game of competitive crucible. I left the game, my team lost, but not for the reason you might expect.... Would someone at Bungie please tell me why I matchmade into a match alone? 1v4 in competitive, of which I had rank taken away for leaving after dying 5 times? Really? This has happened twice now, and I really don’t see how, given how the other team was a 3 stack and a solo-queuer. Shouldn’t it at least have been a 2v3? If my teammates leave in first 20 seconds do you think I can get a free opt-out? Just take a look at Blizzard, Bungie. See how they handle that. I already suck at crucible, I don’t need to be shot in the foot any more. Matchmaking problems remain just as ever present as the stream of content.

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