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8/3/2018 8:38:46 AM

Destiny Uninstalled Itself Twice in 4 Days (Xbox One)

Why does Destiny 2 keep uninstalling itself?!?!?! This is now the second time in 4 days it has happened. I exit and quit the game and it uninstalls itself. Wtf?!?! I scoured through the forums to find a fix or a solution but couldnt. I tried moving it to my hard drive, which has other games and is fine but somehow destiny keeps deleting. This is seriously frustrating! Anyone at Bungie know what could be done to permanently solve this?! It's very annoying to download a frickin 50 gig game every 2 days!!! And no, I love playing destiny so it's not a favor. And no, my Xbox is not dying.

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