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12/3/2018 10:32:11 PM

Wishender Damage Buff/Total Rehaul

As I have recently received Wishender I am awestruck at both how powerful it is and just how slowly it shoots. Based on how its 66% slower than Arsenic Bite, close to 50% slower than Subtle Calamity, and 25% slower than No Turning Back but all the bows do relatively the same damage. I grant you that with the broadhead perk WIshender does deal a significantly higher amount of damage to Guardians in the crucible, but its time to kill remains slower than all of its bow counterparts. I can only see a buff where Wishender one shots to the head and remains a primary weapon while doing less damage to the body, or its moved to the heavy slot and one shots to the head and deals the same amount of damage to the body. Additionally the field of vision for the Queen's Wrath perk is so small that it is essentially useless in both PVE and PVP. An increase in this vision's scope would be a welcome addition.

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