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Destiny 2 Logon Issues

I have been attempting to logon to Destiny 2 and Destiny since last night and I consistently get the message stating "Destiny 2 servers are not available." I have posted to Reddit and it seems this issue is across multiple platforms with varying degrees of severity and different error codes etc. I have tried power cycling my console, restoring my licenses, and logging in and back out of my PSN, as well as re-setting up my internet settings. I can not reset the entire internet as I am living on a college campus but I have not had any issues with the internet connectivity since my being here thus leading me to believe this is a problem between certain clients and Bungie services. I can load other games fine but not Destiny or Destiny 2. Any feedback or solutions would be much appreciated. This is all the information I have. UPDATE Day 3 and I can still not log in. I would love to play black armory on release if bungie has any sort of listed fix. UPDATE 2 STILL CANT LOG IN going on a strong day 4 without being able to sign in. So glad I paid for the annual pass. Can we please get this shit addressed bungie? Like give me anything to trouble shoot this problem or something.

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