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Изменено (JonnyMadDog1): 12/2/2018 2:04:23 PM

The REAL reason behind the S p a c e F o r c e.....

It's to wrest control of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) from globalist satellites causing forest fires. Jetfuel can't melt steel beams, the towers were a controlled demolition with advanced technology for the time and blamed to false-flag people, some ayhols, for a wahr for other ayhols, former frends of said ayhols. These are Nzi/neo-Nzi operation paperclip leftovers in the SSP (Secret Space Program). These ayhols have higher security clearances than the Prez and this second force is to counter that. It's been long-known that there are clearances higher than the Prez, by like 6 or 9 levels, eye think the number was. The last set of forest fires out west were the last gasp before those satellites were taken out. Funny how the radical left call Truhmp a Nzi when 'e's allegedly fighting Nzis in space (Booshcraft sohn, the faht one, Jehb, was silenced in the one debate when Truhmp brought up the pages, threatening to tell the world probably the truth) also when the Nzis were/are LEFTWING anyways.....altright are controlled opposition and run by Muzzies to discredit rightwingers, call 'em Nzis....AT THE BEHEST OF NZIs!!!! Nziception..... But that doesn't mean eye agree with everything this dbag has to say or do, while there is more overlap between Truhmptrds and muh AnCap/libertarian sphere of influences and truther genre, the protectionism is bulshyt and eye AM open borders and it CAN work and is an integral PART of AnCapistan and there is ONLY private property. It has to be as perfect as possible, ANY FUHK UPS and the blowback is going to be YUGE and there already is shady af shyt going down by different proxies and patrons on this Earth or not and eye do NOT approve, be clear, eye am NOT on any such side, and encourage more to become as disillusioned as well before the collapses and enuff get out like eye wanna get out (need more time/money to smuggl mself out because eye'm not getting a passport/visa, and from Mxico go from there elsewhere or not) and the truth is, is that there's bahd allies on all sides and both major sides SUCK and the radical lack of critical thinking is tearing the world apart.

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