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4/21/2018 2:35:52 PM

Crucible Boot Camp

Crucible Boot Camp is a free program that me and other skilled PvP players coach people who want to improve in the crucible. No requirements. You don't have to be bad to join and good players are welcome to help coach or who just want to join to get stronger at the Crucible. Things that we would go over are... 1. Basic skills such as when to pick your fights, how to work with your load-out and what skill tree set-up to use and how to use it. 2.Advanced skills as how to juke players, telling how your enemies are going to move and strafe and how to counter the annoyance of the drop-shoters. 3.We would also practice what you would like to. If you want to practice with close range weapons we can do that, long range, medium and coach you with a specific weapon load-out if you would like. We could go over extra skills that we haven't listed or spend extra time working on ones that we did list. Practice would happen on weekends in the morning. If something pops up that prevents it we would push it back a day. If you sign up it is not required that you come every time, just when you would like. If you would like to join leave down in the "comment" area a yes and what your GT is on Xbox. (This is only a Xbox program so far so sorry if you are on PS. I will be trying to get it onto PS soon). To become a coach I must play with you in the Crucible either in Quick-play or Competitive, which ever one you feel better in and you must place top two while competing against me for top spot. I will also check your ELO (your overall skill ranking provided by Tracker Network) to judge if you are skilled overall. Anything below silver you must raise your ELO, silver to high silver you will be considered, Gold you are a coach and will work with higher ranking coaches plans, platinum up you can coach your own sessions and make your own plans. Hope to see all of you in Crucible Boot-Camp!!! Must have discord as that is where I and the other coaches will be posting information about sessions. GT: BuckedGnome116 on Xbox. Message me and I will get back to you when I can.

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