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12/1/2018 4:48:18 AM

Fastidious Miser STILL Broken??

The "Fastidious Miser" triumph will not unlock for me on Xbox One. I have completed all 3 Triumphs for finding all 30 Ascendant chests, which are "Hidden Riches", "Bolder Fortunes" and "War Chests". I have completed this 2 times since Forsaken dropped. The first time with 2 of my 3 characters. After the 2.05 patch appeared, I completed all 3 chests in each of the weekly curse periods (weaker, stronger, strongest) a second time with one character and it still would not unlock. Last week, I started over and ran it again with my Titan on Nov 25 (stronger), then Nov 30th tonight (strongest) and still fornicating nothing. Any thoughts because this is just getting really old.

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