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11/29/2018 10:58:11 PM

Bring Back Factions or Get Rid of Them All-Together

I'm sure i'm not alone here when I say that the Factions need to be brought back or removed. Why tease us with the sly chance every week of a faction rally happening? Why not just bring them back all together? Like seriously, what's the point of not having them? [b][u]Benefits Of Bringing Back the Factions[/u][/b] - More to do - More Weapon Variants - More Armor - More Shaders - More Sparrows - More Ghosts - More Lore (??) - That feeling of having all your faction gear on and maxed to show how "prestigious" or "dedicated" you are to a faction - It would bring everyone together in a sense that they would each be competing for their faction to be on top - It would bring something to grind for when you have completed everything else ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [b][u] Negatives of Not Having The Factions [/b][/u] - Constantly toying with the player's heads by giving the npc's in the tower dialogue about the factions - Constantly toying with the player's by leaving the faction vendors in the tower, [u]DESPITE LITERALLY NOT BEING ABLE TO INTERACT WITH THEM AT ALL[/u] - Constantly toying with the player's by giving them false hope that a faction rally MAY OR MAY NOT start at the reset of each week [b][u][i]Quit frickin with me already, this shouldn't even be a problem and it's really getting to me.[/i][/u][/b] Other than that one thing I think everything else is doing great and im really excited for the new dlc and all the stuff on the roadmap!

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