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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
11/28/2018 7:18:17 PM

Early Access Player concerns

Dear Bungie, I pre-ordered Destiny 2 for $99.99 and was excited to play a shooter from the original developers of Halo and while I enjoyed the game for a time I have not been pleased since the first expansion. The first two expansions were very lacking in content - $20 for each of them was not a fair price in my opinion and many other's for the content that was provided. Not to mention when they launched they were even retailing at prices below $20. Destiny 2 dropped so much in value that it had been in a humble bundle for as low as $12 and just recently it was given away for free just to improve the player base. As an early adopter of the game I feel as if I have not been adequately compensated for my $99.99 pre order and am one of those 'wait and see' customers who generally do not hold Bungie in good faith for this game. It would have been nice if you gave early access players at least Forsaken for free. There are many of us I am sure who simply do not want to put any more of our money into this game after we felt so jaded throughout the first year. I do not want to put any substantial amount of money into this game and would advise if you want the 'wait and see' player base to return that you also provide Forsaken and the annual pass to those players.

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