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Destiny 2

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11/26/2018 5:46:17 PM
1 times and woe...

Let me start by stating that I really enjoy Gambit. Also, I am not by any means a good pvp player. I suck at it. lol But that's the beauty of Gambit. There is enough roles to fill that I can contribute and be effective. Now, why all the hate? Well, this weekend I had my fill of some of the most common complaints I have seen posted here. I am a solo player. I play almost exclusively by myself. It is a choice mainly due to family (I hate teaming with people and asking them to stop or wait while I change a diaper or something else. lol). I ran into soo many team stacks this weekend. Almost every single one was a loss to the 4 stack team. Which I get. It's a team of 4. They communicate, strategize, etc.. I have no complaint about that. I expect it. For the most part this wasn't that big of an issue...that is until I hit the final rank that requires wins to progress.... Holy hell what a nightmare grind that turned into. lol I can definitely see why a lot of people are asking for different queues. It will only dilute the available player pool, but I can see why they ask. The only real complaint I had from this weekend was the new primeval burn technique players figured out. Yes, it is a strategy and yes it is very effective. Almost a little too effective. Especially when you factor in that most likely the premade teams will be using it. Going in against a 4 stack is tough already, then you add that technique and it's dare say a bit unfair. lol It doesn't matter if you get your primeval 1st or 2nd. They burn it within 10 seconds of having it summoned. No time to invade, counter, anything...sheesh. Then, to add insult to injury bungie thinks it will be funny to throw me into a matchup of me by my lonesome on one side and 3 players on the other (at least they weren't a premade lol). I didn't cave, I pushed and banked about 20 motes by the time other players got added in. We lost overall, but hey it was fun. lol (titan missile ftw!) Some good did come out of this weekend. I finally finished the Malfeasance quest line, and I got my infamy reset again to get the curated rocket launcher (thank god for bounties). TLDR - Premade teams suck, but are part of it. The new primeval burn technique is borderline unfair. Especially since it will be premades that will be using it. Still love Gambit, and I will be playing it again soon.

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