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11/25/2018 6:25:56 PM

Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Hunter

Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Hunter This is in addition to my previous post a link will be provided below [url=]Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Titan[/url] [url=]Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Warlock[/url] Again to reiterate these catalyst ideas are designed to enhance the abilities of these exotics without outright breaking them. 1. [b][armory]Knucklehead Radar[/armory][/b]: Probably the most simplistic * Provides enhanced radar in totality. Radar unaffected by blinding (this means they can still be blinded visually however the radar is still there) 2. [armory]Celestial Nighthawk[/armory]: There are 3 possible options. Let me know which one you think is best. I’d much appreciate it. * A. Double the damage of the already super powered Golden gun shot * B. Increased super energy on Nighthawk kill * C. The final option is that Nighthawk provides 2 shots (providing you nearly double the super energy. Tweaks may be necessary.) 3. [b][armory]Foetracer[/armory][/b]: This one was was difficult as it’s abilities were either further enhanced on the Titan exotic One-Eyed Mask. * Enhanced Relentless Tracker. Tracking on target cannot be broken and has extended duration (we’ll say 25 second). Increased damage on marked targets (about 2-3 damage in pvp. We’ll say an entire 15% - 20% in pve) 4. [b][armory]Graviton Forfeit[/armory][/b] * Enhanced Vanishing Shadow. Further increases duration of invisibility affects and all abilities recharge faster while invisible. 5. [b][armory]Wormhusk Crown[/armory][/b]: Super scary right? Don’t worry no season 3 flashbacks here. * Increased health gained after dodging. It currently grants 70 hp so we will increase that by 60% this will allow 112 hp. Due to the current meta and ttk of weapons this won’t be nearly as broken as some may think. 6. [b][armory]Young Ahamkara’s Spine[/armory][/b] * Grants additional grenade. 7. [b][armory]Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves[/armory][/b] * When critically wounded the damage increase activates even while the sidearm is equipped. The affect lingers on for 3 seconds when no longer critically wounded. 8. [b][armory]Shinobu’s Vow[/armory][/b] * Adds 2 more projectiles to each skip grenade. This would increase its damage by 40 and also grants you more energy. 9. [b][armory]Sealed Ahamkara Grasp[/armory][/b] * Dealing melee greatly increases ready and reload speed of all weapons. 10. [b][armory]Raiden Flux[/armory][/b] * Enhanced Synapse Junctions. Kills with Arcstrider extend duration of super. Take Doom Fang Pauldrons as reference. It’s not a huge amount of energy (that and keep in mind this is a purely melee super so avoiding it to a complete option). 11. [b][armory]Lucky Raspberry[/armory][/b]: There are two possibly options please let me know the one you think is best. * A. Provide additional grenade * B. Give us a D1 throwback and spawn with grenade energy. 12. [b][armory]The Dragon’s Shadow[/armory][/b]: This one also has slew of potential options. It was difficult to decide on which. So please tell me which you think is best. Especially since I have this level of speed to the Warlocks Ophidian Aspects Catalyst. * A. Kills while Wraithmetal Mail is active decrease dodge cooldown. * B. Wraithmetal Mail duration doubled. * C. Wraithmetal Mail maxes out handling, reload , and ready speeds. (Basically those stats have their bar completely filled. Duration increased to 15 seconds * D. While dodge is charged Wraithmetal Mail (standard) is active. Enhanced Wraithmetal Mail activates after dodging (basically option C.) 13. [b][armory]Ophidia Spathe.[/armory][/b] * Melee damage decreases melee charge time. Increased knife throwing speed. 14. [b][armory]Lucky Pants[/armory][/b] * Grants autoloading holster to all hand cannons. Illegally Modded Holster duration increased by 3 seconds. 15. [b][armory]Orpheus Rigs[/armory][/b] * Creates a total of orbs equivalent to the number of enemies tethered amount is dependent upon the enemy as well. * Minions 1 orb * Majors and Guardians 2 orbs * Yellow bars 3 orbs * Bosses 4 orbs. 16. [b][armory]St0mp-EE5[/armory][/b] * Time for a D1 THROWBACK. Grants additional jump 17. [b][armory]Gemini Jester[/armory][/b] * Increases range of Misdirection. 18. [b][armory]Fr0st-EE5[/armory][/b] * Sprinting while all abilities are charged helps charge super (equivalent to one super mod. Unsure if 2 would be too much)

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