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Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Warlock

Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Warlock This is in addition to my previous post a link will be provided below [url=]Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Titan[/url] [url=]Y1 Exotic Armor Catalyst - Hunter[/url] Again to reiterate these catalyst ideas are designed to enhance the abilities of these exotics without outright breaking them. Warlocks are particularly difficult as most of their exotics seem to optimize in their class synergy. 1. [b][armory]Skull of Dire Ahamkara[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increased Super regeneration of Nova bomb kills. Kills with Nova bomb regenerate health 2. [armory][b]Crown of Tempest[/b][/armory] [b]*[/b] Arc kills increase recharge rate of abilities (in short now all arc kills, much like Nezarec’s Sin. Risk runner anyone?) 3. [b][armory]Eye of Another World[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Decreases all ability recharge by 25% (sorry I would include super however it would be the equivalent to 5 super mods that’d be a bit too much) * 61 seconds for grenades * 61 seconds for melee * 63 seconds for rift [b]*[/b] Provides enhanced radar 4. [b][armory]Nezarec’s Sin[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increased potency of Abyssal Extractors. Abyssal Extractors now work with all energy weapons. (Riskrunner again, Luna, trust, ep shotgun, sunshot, etc) 5. [b][armory]The Stag[/armory][/b]: A very difficult one [b]*[/b] When critically wounded increased regeneration of all ability energy. The rift that activates upon death now last the length of a standard rift. 6. [b][armory]Verity’s Brow[/armory][/b] * Increased range of The Fourth Magic * The Fourth Magic now activates on all weapon kills 7. [b][armory]Apotheosis Veil[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Insatiable now instantly recharges class, grenade, melee energy of nearby allies. [b]*[/b] Decrease super cooldown by 10% (that’s the equivalent of 1 super mod) 8. [b][armory]Sunbracers[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increase Helium Spirals to ten seconds (that’s ten seconds of infinite grenade energy instead of the usual 4) 9. [b][armory]Winter’s Guile[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increased duration of Warlord’s Sigil to 7 seconds(potential 1 shot melee for warlocks especially for Attunement of Fission) * Side note Winter’s Guile stacks go up to 3.34x at 3 stacks (which it caps out as I’ve tested. 2.25x for 2 stacks by the way) this means you can do 334 with one melee. However this stack also transfers to the melee abilities. So the explosive melee from Attunement of Fission for example at 3 stacks would do 217 dmg (for those nice collaterals. Or for ball lightning 202 dmg at 2 stacks. 10. [b][armory]Karnstein Armlets[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Allows “over healing” basically full rift it will allow you to heal an overshield equivalent to that provided by a rift. Increased duration of vampires caress by 2 second (seems small I know but ten seconds especially in Quickplay is quite a long time, and as for PVE content definitely extends your survivability long enough to get revived or survive an encounter.) 11. [b][armory]Ophidian Aspects[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increase affects of Cobra Totemic. * I noticed that Ophidians are definitely slower Wraithmetal Mail on the Hunter’s “Dragon’s Shadow” so how about we bring their handling and reload speed to that level. For those who don’t think its effective I urge you to try both out using the Legend of Acrius for reference. 12. [b][armory]Claws of Ahamkara[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Melee kills help recharge melee ability energy 13. [b][armory]Starfire Protocol[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Fusion Harness now utilizes all solar grenades. 14. [b][armory]Wings of Sacred Dawn[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Tome of Dawn now extends to all subclasses 15. [b][armory]Vesper of Radius[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Increases damage from the shockwave of Planetary Torrent. Enemies attempting to enter the rift while it is active are always expelled outward. This would also work will Well of Radiance. 16. [b][armory]Sanguine Alchemy[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Heightened Senses ability stays active after leaving rift for 7 seconds. It cannot be refreshed until those seconds are up. 17. [b][armory]Transversive Steps[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Reloads all weapons while sprinting. Sprinting increases handling speed. 18. [b][armory]Lunafaction Boots[/armory][/b] [b]*[/b] Extends the duration of the rift by 10 seconds, 5 seconds for Well of Radiance.

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