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Burn The Warlock!

Hunters and Titans: “A Warlock! A Warlock! We’ve got ourselves a Warlock! Burn her, burn her!” Sunbreaker: “We have found a Warlock, may we burn her?” H&Ts: “Burn her! Burn her!” Striker: “How do you know she is a Warlock?” Gunslinger: “She looks like one!” H&Ts: *Cheers in agreement* S: “Bring her forward.” Sentinel: “I’m not a Warlock! I’m not a Warlock!” S: “But you are dressed as one.” SN: “They dressed me up like this!” H&Ts: *groans and mumbles* SN: “And this isn’t a Bond, it’s a rubber band!” S: *Stretches the rubber band and looks at the crowd* “Well?” SB: “Well we did do the bond.” S: “The bond?” SB: “And the exotic, but she is a Warlock!” H&Ts: *Cheers in agreement* S: “Did you dress her up like this?” SB: “No, no, no.... yes..... a bit! She does got a single use Void super!” S: “What makes you think she is a Warlock?” GS: “She beat me and turned me into a salty crucible player!” S: “A salty crucible player?” GS: “.... I got over it.” H&Ts: “Burn her anyway! Burn her!” [i][u]A Voidwalker in disguise approaches[/u][/i] S: “Quiet! Quiet! There are ways of telling if she is a Warlock.” H&Ts: “Are there? Tell us! Tell us!” S: “Tell me, what do you do with Warlocks?” H&Ts: “Burn them! Burn them!” S: “And what burns apart from Warlocks?” SB: “More Warlocks!” Arcstrider: “Cloth.” S: “So why do Warlocks burn?” GS: “........Because they wear cloth?” S: “Good! So how do we tell if she is a Warlock?” SB: “Measure the length of her clothes!” S: “Ah, but don’t Titans and Hunters also wear long pieces of cloth?” SB: “Oh, yeah.” S: “Does cloth stay as one color?” AS: “No— it can have shaders! Dismantle her into bright dust!” H&Ts: *Cheers in agreement* S: “What colors do shaders turn cloth into?” H&Ts: “Red! Blue! Green! Yellow! Orange! Purple! Pink! Brown! White!” Voidwalker in disguise: “Black!” S: “Exactly! And who else wears black clothing?” H&Ts: “Edgy people!” S: “So logically?” SB: “If she wears long, black clothing..... she’s edgy!” S: “And therefore?” H&Ts: “........ A WARLOCK!! A WARLOCK!!” S: “We shall ask my finest therapist!” [b][u]END[/u][/b] Other Python Parodies: This post was a parody of:

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