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10/10/2018 2:30:18 PM

How to counter Shotguns

Shotguns have been swarming PvP since the beginning of D1 but it seems like everyone forgot how to counter them. There are a multitude of different types of shotguns from the Perfect Paradox where you have to fire almost a entire magazine in order to get a kill. To the Chaperone that has the range of a 750 RPM SMG (oh and it can 1 shot most of the time). But the issue that I am seeing is that people are using shotguns to counter shotguns. Now yes that is a viable way to get the kill or even trade, you can do more. The best way to counter shotguns is to just get out of there range. Shotguns are well shotguns, there range is short. Most shotguns take 2 shots to kill from 10 meters. My load-out* if mid-ranged, so im usually about 20-40 meters away from my target. I know that if i'm getting killed with shotguns im either being way to aggressive or im not moving away fast enough. But some peoples load-out are long ranged and short ranged. If you're load-out is long ranged and ur getting easily killed with shotguns, then sorry not sorry your not doing your job. But if your a short range player with a SMG or sidearm, then you should be using a shotgun. So the main message is to get the hell away from shotguners. If you get out of there range they have to take out a different gun to kill you and hopfully by that point you got a shot of or 2 on them in order to get the kill. *My load-out 1. Ace of Spades, Maximum XI, Any sword or rocket 2. DFA, Basilisk, Whisper 3. Home for the Lost, Fighting Lion, sword or rocket

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