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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
Изменено (Noscope): 11/18/2018 4:47:10 PM

This game lacks socialization, balance and customization.

I agree


I agree partly


I don't agree


PvP is rough in this game with many [b]aimbotters[/b] and the [b]lack of power in weapons[/b], the only reliable weapon in this game are pistols with high damage. Every other weapon is irrelevant. Bows take to long to draw fully to get any damage done. Make every weapon more powerful and implement a better way to catch and report cheaters. Titans are also overpowered with their one-hit-kill melee that no other class have, it's not fun. We need a [b]better chat system[/b], with channels like General that involves talking to everyone in the zone or planet, I feel alone playing this game even though there are players everywhere that I can't even talk to. Could also add a Traveler chat where everyone in the game who's in Traveler can chat to each other no matter what phase/server you're in. This is the most important aspect that makes people stay and have something to come back to, people to talk to and gain friendships. Also people love going AFK in pretty spots. Character individuality and options are lacking with ugly facial structures and hair. [b]Models needs updated and added more customization options[/b], it's extremely boring not being able to look not that different from everyone else. Add a way to exchange for some [b]currency to change appearance and gender[/b] after updating characters. (Futuristic Barbershop?) You have a great game but you're killing it slowly, you lack communication and understanding what players want. Don't go blizzard. [b]Story lines are bad and they don't impact anything else in the game[/b], we just wanna kill bad guys, we don't care about them or their background that will die seconds after getting to know them. Nobody would even care if you removed them all together because they have not impacted anything.

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