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11/18/2018 3:02:44 AM

Duplicate Fix was a Lie

My first exotic after the October 30th "fix" was Heart of Inmost light. I was convinced that the fix had worked and I'd finally be able to see the One-Eyed Mask if I just kept grinding. I came across my second exotic and it happened to be Worm Gods Caress. I figured that I was just unlucky and kept grinding. Now I'm 5 exotics deep into the "fixed" grind and I've seen nothing but duplicates other than the first drop. Either I'm the most unlucky guardian in the system or the duplicate protection was a sham. I received Vigilance Wing from my daily crucible bounty and I'm calling it a day. I'm sick of having my dailies and weeklies wasted. There needs to be a fix implemented for exotics, whether it's adding the new ones to the isochronal engram or ACTUALLY creating duplicate protection doesn't matter at this point. The drop rates are fine, but having it be a demoralizing experience to receive an exotic is unacceptable.

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