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11/13/2018 7:47:28 PM

Why no ADS sensitivity settings for controllers???

To be honest, controllers are probably the most influenced by the in-game sensitivity compared to a mouse, because of the limitations controllers have. So why Bungie... Why would you put ADS sensitivity settings for a mouse, but not for controllers, which need it the most? And I can't decide what the worst part is about this; that it's not even that hard to copy an already functional code and make it work on another device, and nothing's being done about it, or that nobody is talking about this essential feature that controllers lack in Destiny 2... Maybe it's not a good way to express the issue through ranting, but I am just baffled about this whole thing, and tired of trying to search for a solution by wasting my whole day on google, and many hours of frustration in the crucible.

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