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Изменено (TheHero): 11/12/2018 6:16:23 PM

"Keep out" Clan Challenge not available / Rockstar Riots Strikelist (Week 5)

As in the Title, the mentioned CLan challenge for this week is not anymore at Hawthorne. I saw it at start of this ID and after that i never again. So how am i supposed to get the Clanchallenge done when i cant pick it up. Its just not available anymore. Checked all my 3 Level 600 Chars. Nothing. When do we get this challenge again? I do only need this and the "Strenght of Memory" Challenge done to have every one of them done. Please fix your bugs, too many things accumulating in the last weeks. Most annoying of course is the Nethacking, Titan/Warlockskating and use of Timestampchanges on consoles in the Last 7 days while the Rockstar Riots Strikelist (week 5) was happening. Top 5 Leaderboard people are using too many of those exploits, even simple things as AFK Makros (Got a Video of one of the guys).And some expoloits i dont even know of. You have to ban those guys for good. A competition which you have to pay for to even get registered to participate for competition and is won by people beeing not honest. This sucks. Bungie, you got all the logs of those top 10 on the Rockstar Leaderboard (Week 5), so please check them up for all things i do assume and and everything else which is against EULA/Rules of playing Destiny 2. In the end everythings falling back on you bungie. If those winners will be invited to play versus your Houseteam, then you have allowed dishonest people to play your game. I mean wow, you invite people who are kind of Cheaters and use everything possible to win even if its vs your policys. Why ever ever ban or restrict people from PvP or the whole game and then invite just such kind of people into your house?

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