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Destiny 2

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11/10/2018 1:23:17 AM

Match transparency

Show connections in Competitive. Show status to include connection strengths and IP regions. How many manipulative mechanics does this hybrid system tuck away? Does it just iron-out the lag so it's not as obvious as it was in D1? What is the matchmaking priority and do you use it to manipulate win/loss, are there catch-up mechanics that affect hidden stats (hit registration,flinch ...). Why do randoms get put against teams of four so frequently (might be tolerable if it wasn't also always a mode like Survival or Countdown - is it to increase the chances of wins/losses for both sides?); match them against each other! Have a solo, twos or four queue. How is this a competitive mode if structurally it's supported the same archaic way as Quickplay.

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