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Destiny 2

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11/10/2018 12:16:44 AM

Destiny 2 social/voice chat/ chat help

I have a few issues with communication in this game I was hoping some more experienced players could help me with. 1. I cannot figure out how to whisper to someone without adding them to my fireteam. I try the /w and type in their name, but it always says name invalid 2. Whenever I try to talk on local chat, or even when I have whispered people, no one ever says anything. This is making it hard for me to group up with people, since I don't know anyone who plays this game, I'm trying to find others to team up with. 3. Push to talk does not work, anyone else have this issue? When I turn on voice chat to always on, it works. But when I try doing push to talk, I press the button and no sound.

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