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Изменено (WalkerBohh): 11/4/2018 7:58:19 AM

Why Gambit, as it stands, does not work and needs severe overhauling.

I am going to start this post with a series of factual statements so that we can get a baseline rationale going: -Gambit is new; therefore it has a lot of issues that need to be worked on. -Gambit's META favors long-range, instant kill weapons. Being able to know exactly where the enemy team is, while remaining relatively hard to spot, while invading boosts this META far out of proportion. -The speed at which a well organized fire-team can summon, and then burn down, their Primeval versus a match-made team is disproportionate. -The lack of spawn points while invading gives the enemy team too good of a chance at spawn-sniping an invader. -The lack of incentive for match-made players to cooperate with their fire-team makes many other issues Gambit has much worse than they need to be. Now, a list of suggestions to ease the strain that Gambit can have on some players, myself included. 1. If you invade the enemy team, and kill a player, they should loose at least half of their current Primeval Slayer buff stack. If you kill the entire enemy team, they should all lose all of their stacks. What is the point in invading and killing enemy players if they melt down all the health you just returned to their Primeval in seconds because they have max Slayer stacks? This suggestion may be too extreme, but something in this air should be applied. 2. Invincibility frames when you first spawn in, giving you a chance to move away from your invasion spawn, but not enough time to fire while still invincible. There should also be a drastic increase to the number of invasion spawn locations. 3. [b]Match-made teams should have a severely decreased chance of encountering a full fire-team of 4 players.[/b] The full fire-team has an overwhelming advantage because they go into a match with a game plan, with complimenting supers and weapons, not to mention the advantage given simply by being able to communicate with one another, something I have only encountered ONCE, with a single player across every single match-made game I have played across all game modes. The lack of communication leaves match-made teams with a massive handicap. I'm not saying make it "impossible" simply extremely unlikely to encounter a full fire-team while your team is 4 random players. 4. To address the current "hide and snipe from cover with a one hit kill weapon by timing your shot with the movement of the enemy's name" META, I suggest extending the range of the invader aura, making you a more obvious target the further away you are, or possibly give it a pulse every 5 seconds or so. I'm sure several people will respond telling me to quit complaining and get better at the game mode, or explain why I'm wrong about one point or another and point out something that has worked for them. I welcome that because the main thing is that there needs to be more open and frank discussions about the issues this game has. Instead of just attacking one other for disagreeing we need to sort the opinions from the facts and stamp out the glaring issues this game has. We can be toxic, or we can be constructive and fix this game together. Either way, I am absolutely certain that we can all agree that there need to be changes made to Gambit as soon as physically possible.

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