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Изменено (Dane): 11/4/2018 10:41:56 AM

Re-rolling Masterworks

Yes, Masterworks should have a re-roll system


No, I like masterworks being randomized


I, like many others, despise getting an otherwise god roll weapon or set of armor only to see that the masterwork (enhancement?) is not what I am looking for. I don't see the logic in taking something previously customizable and making it static. I love the random roll aspect of loot but having the masterworks randomized is too grindy for a perfectionist like myself. I would personally like to see all masterworks become customizable once again. Since the enhancement core update, cores have been dropping at (what I would consider) a very reasonable rate. The enhancement core update was spot on! (IMO) You can still put a semi-steep price on re-rolling the masterworks, this would be a smart idea (IMO). This will not take away from the feeling you get from getting your god roll! It will still feel really good to get those god roll weapons and armor and it will feel even better knowing you can customize their masterwork however you please as long as you have the materials for it. What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Do you guys like the current state of masterworks? How many god rolls have you guys received with an undesirable masterwork? What should be done to make these masterworks more customizable?

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