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11/1/2018 9:04:05 PM

Biocatarus, a Storyteller of many names. старое

The Future of Biocatarus and my other Fan Fiction.

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My sincerest greetings to all who spend the time to read my words. Know that this post has little substance inside itself, so if you have better things to do, let them have priority. The next segment of my fictional tale is releasing later today, and before that happens I have a few things I feel the need to clarify. [spoiler] If you do not know what I am referring to, here is the link to the complete collection of my previous [u]Fanfiction[/u] about my Titan Biocatarus-2: [/spoiler] The upcoming arc was originally going to be a 12-post anthology series covering multiple side characters from Biocatarus-2's life. This is still somewhat the case, but the volume of content was cut down considerably. This post will cover what was left behind, and how things will change moving forward. First off, here is the complete list of short stories that were cut: [i][b]A Vandal’s Skirmish[/b][/i]: This story covered a sniper-duel between Shera and a Fallen scout during a severe thunderstorm. This one may still see the light of day somewhere down the line, so I will not reveal how it ended. [i][b]The Lost Message from Biocatarus-2[/b][/i]: The contents of this story are being saved for later, as I felt it revealed far too much too soon. [i][b]The Final Stand of Thomas Thurman[/b][/i]: As the name implies, this story covers the fate of Thomas after he leaves Biocatarus-2's group of followers. This was the only one of the cut stories to be completed, so it will release exclusively to members of Fan Fiction Unite in the group forums. [i][b]Travikks the Broken[/b][/i]: This short story covered the life of the Fallen antagonist Travikks, up to the point of his death at the hands of Biocatarus-2. [i][b]A Tale of Three Knights[/b][/i]: Just like [i]The Lost Message[/i], this one revealed a little more than I wanted to, so it is being saved for later. And now for the following arc after the upcoming one. The biggest change will be that it will [b]not[/b] be in the after-the-fact left-behind in-universe messages style, and will instead be covering the events as they transpire. This was due to the limitations the previous style had, such as ensuring the protagonist lived until the final entry. It was also done to divert the perspectives of Biocatarus-2 and his successor. And now the final purpose of this post (which you have no doubt figured out by the poll), deciding where all of my Fan Fiction posts will be made from this point onwards. I myself would prefer to stay in #lore, but that is entirely up to you. I also want to thank both ShadowHeartMC and Archival Mind, because without their stories I would not have had the motivation to finish mine. They are far better writers than I, and I must recommend you give them a look if you have yet to do so. Well, that's all I have left to say. [i]As always and forever, I thank you for your time.[/i]

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