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Speed Runs - Last Wish

Myself and two [i][b]XBox[/b][/i] friends are looking for other [b][i]experienced, hard-core, devoted, high-end content, players[/i][/b] to run [u][b]Fast Last Wish Raid completions[/b] [/u]with us - Riven LEGIT, of course. [i]We do more than just 3 runs/week and have 15 - 30 completions each across our XBox-Live and PC accounts. We would love to find other players like us to Raid with, regardless if it's just once a week or every day, and see how far we can take things in the future....[/i] We all play very regularly each week and can be reached at any time on XBox-Live or Discord. [u]If you're interested please message one of our XBox Accounts:[/u] - [b]LeadersGrove[/b] - [i]RunesGrove#1515 on PC[/i] [b]/[/b] [i]Leader_RS#8740 on Discord[/i] - [b]ThiefOvHope[/b] - [b]EarHairSniper[/b] —————————————————————————- [u]Clan - Your Guardians:[/u] [i]Our clan is full of Active, Experienced players. We have a fun community of people that enjoy playing high-end content. We have a few new open spots. If you’re interested in joining, please reach out![/i]

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