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10/29/2018 7:11:34 PM

Is Bungie just plain Greedy?





Most Likely


When i bought Destiny 2 at launch i payed over a hundred dollars for the base game plus the season pass. all the DLC has previously unlocked and downloaded, I.e Warmind/Osirus... However forsaken hasn't downloaded nor given me any option to install. All its giving me is the option to either spend $40 and even $80 or so MORE on top of the original hundred or so i already paid at launch. I would really like to know how to fix this error and unlock Forsaken like i originally paid for. I've looked everywhere for a customer support number but apparently you guys don't even have one and if you do you have hidden it because i feel like you know there would be a lot of upset callers.... But seriously i would just like some help fixing this issue and just get back to somewhat having fun with this game again. Please just looking for some help to get Forsaken unlocked.

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