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10/27/2018 11:32:51 PM

Who did the killing of 3 Cabals ?

I started my Titan and it is going to complete the long story campaign again . During the attack of Cabal on the Tower, after helping Zavala , I entered a room which I would walked pass the Sweeper Bot with 3 dead Cabals. Two dead Cabals next to it and one higher rank is at left side next to the entrance. I am very sure the doors were locked before I entered and the ceiling has no damage at all. Before that I always thought it is a joke to see the Sweeper bot just trying to keep its place clean , in fact it has became a mystery that the Cabals dead inside its room with doors locked. I got a horror feeling while looking at this silent huming Sweeper bot : Did it do this ? Where were these 3 Cabals from? Who did the killing actually? How did it happen?

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