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Изменено (Ghnuberath): 10/27/2018 5:55:12 AM

Serious PS4 Pro issues: error code Weasel

Recently purchased a PS4 Pro, and still own two regular PS4s. Nearly every day, Destiny 2 on the PS4 Pro will crash to the title screen with a weasel error. I am also removed from my PS4 voice chat party at this time as well, if I'm in one. It seems more likely to happen when I am in a PS4 voice party, but has happened while playing solo as well. Raiding on my Pro is currently impossible due to these reliability issues. To be clear: - I am on a fibre internet connection (250/250 symmetric) and have been for 3 years - This does not happen EVER on my regular ps4, which I continue to use (not a single time since release of D2) - It happens approximately 1-2 times per day (3-4 hours played on average) on my Pro when on a wireless connection. [b]Significantly[/b] more often on a wired connection (up to 1-2 times per hour). - If I do not fully close the game and/or restart the console, the crash occurs over and over again (every few minutes) until I do so. - I play many other multiplayer games and have no networking issues when playing any of them on the Pro (or the regular PS4). Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide! Edit: Just got temp banned from Competitive for weaseling twice in 10 minutes... :'(

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