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10/23/2018 9:00:20 PM

Who are the rat king’s crew

In the rat kings lore, there is mentioned that a child lost outside the city walls became a leader of a group of renegades. While the lore does say that it could all be stories, I choose to believe otherwise. Here are my theory on who the rat king’s crew could be: Shadows of calus: calus has an elite group of fighters called the shadows(not to be confused with the shadows of yor). Some of the crew could have been recruited by him. This could be explored in Penumbra, since in the very brief trailer, we see a golden statue of what could be a rat skull. Shadows of yor: this one is a bit of a stretch. Since these survivors banded behind the rat king, when he dies, they could decide to find a new leader in dredgen. The edz survivors: Since the lore does say that there are quite a few of them, we could suppose that the people at the farm could be the crew. Be that would mean that Devrim kay could he the rat king. The band could have left the last city and headed to inhabited edz, and formed the farm. Part of the spiders alliance: they are very probably scavengers, os they could have joined the spiders forces. Feel free to leave your suggestion in the comments

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