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10/22/2018 1:54:43 PM

Council of Pickle Rick

We are looking for hardcore players to join our clan and have a good time. I myself am a hardcore raider, so thats my focus; but there are people and groups in the clan for everything so no matter your focus you will always have someone to play with. In all my years of running clans I've always run them with 2 simple principles in mind. 1. No group member is more important than another - No single members needs should be looked at as more important than anothers. This is a means of forming a tighter and more genuine bond between my members and allows us to connect with eachother better. 2. Always be willing to help a clan member if you can - I understand that not everyone is always free, but when we are, i like to make it known that we should be trying to help other members of the clan as best we can. This not only makes us a tighter community, but also betters us as a clan. Remember, youre only as strong as your weakest link.

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