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10/21/2018 1:19:23 AM

PC|NA|EU|Metathorne III[META]|PVE|PVP|Raids|Sherpa'd Raids|Escalation Protocol|Nightfalls|Strikes|Gambit|Co-op|160+ Members

This is a sister clan to [url=]Metathorne I[/url] and [url=]Metathorne II[/url]. If you're interested in joining please apply to [url=]Metathorne III.[/url] We here at Metathorne are looking for active members who aren’t afraid to dive in and are ready to be part of a clan that wants you here as much as you want to be here. We work together as a family to help take care of each other and welcome you with open arms if you feel this is the right clan for you! Requirements: - PC ONLY - Age +18 - Must have all Expansions - MUST HAVE Discord Desktop/App - BE ACTIVE in Discord at least once a week - Don't be a Lone Wolf How to Join: - Upvote this post, please! - Make a comment below with your Battlenet ID. - Request to join the clan [url=]here[/url] - To join the Discord go to clan tab at the top, click "My Clan" and look in the "Discord Link Chat". - Sign up through our Charlemagne bot by going to our #states-page channel and typing in *register and follow the directions from there. - BE ACTIVE in Discord and in game. (you will be removed after 2 weeks if not) Other Supported Games: - Warframe - Overwatch - Minecraft - Rainbow Six Seige

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