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10/16/2018 2:51:41 PM

Infusing a dead horse

I know we all have our own opinions of things in destiny and the new infusion system is one of those hot topics. I would just like to add my perspective and ideas to the pot. I'll start by saying I am a filthy casual so if that makes me a whiny baby then I already know and you can go away. Anyway, I am very not cool with the cost to infuse gear to a higher level. It is really frustrating to find a terrible gun that is your highest level and you cant use it to infuse the gun you are good at or like playing with because oops no masterwork cores. I think this should be tweaked to allow us to either reset the masterwork to 1 and have the infusion cost only glimmer or keep the masterwork level of the destination (for lack of a better tern) gear for the correct amount of consumables.

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