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10/14/2018 10:45:02 AM

My faulty Account.. .

Hello, I've got bad problems with my Characters. The Warlock has the most problems... I have some arms for my Warlock...i cant wear it, because there is a really really bad Bug on looks like my arms would gleam. Thats not just a little bug, i cant wear this arms, because it makes me really crazy and angry! The other problem is with every engram...always when i get an engram (no matter if blue or legendary or exo) my screen is freezing for some seconds and jerky...THIS IS REALLY BAD!!! I'm afraid that my Game is freezing for longer as just some seconds...I'm afraid of engrams! My PSN-ID is: Imlerith On PS4 I hope so that it could be fixed. It's not funny, it makes me so angry and afraid. Sometimes i just want to delete my game...but that is not the way to fix it... There are some other problems, but i forgot them. The baddest problem are the looks so creepy when they gleam... Thank you for reading my bad-english-text, im from Germany. I hope you can help me. :) Thanks,

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