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10/13/2018 11:37:36 PM

The Deep: A Raid(First 2 Encounters)

First encounter: The Altars Vaporous This encounter spawns you into a large complex of towering domed rooms connected by arched Pathways. There are 5 rooms with the 6th in the center. There is an altar in the center of each room. There is a massive censer brimming with soul fire above the central altar in the middle room . Black fog covers the floor. Three witches, called “Courier to Yul.” are worshipping the censer. Kill these 3 to start the encounter. The timer “Holy Cleansing” appears in the bottom. It has 5:00 on it and stars decreasing. With every second, the censer lowers a bit. If the censer reaches the altar, the timer “Holy Collectiom” will have hit 0 and the room will go up in flames, causing a wipe. To prevent this, your fire team must split into 6 and go keep the other smaller altars lit. They can light them by slaying “Servants of the Sword”, beefy knights with swords, and dunking their Offerings of Light into the altar. Once all 6 altars are lit, the screen will shake and the text “A treasurer of Yul approaches” A big bad wizard will spawn in the center, and the censer will begin descending much faster. You have to kill it by getting the buff “Light Overcharge” from standing in the small altars. Once you do this, you can do DPS. Once the timer for Light Overcharge runs out, one random player will be given the 3 second countdown of “Selected Offering.” They have to run at the boss, and suicide detonate once the timer hits 0. This player cannot be revived. After the explosion, the censer rewinds a bit, giving you more time to complete the encounter. When he dies, an altar permanently goes out, and the team has to repeat the process of re-igniting the altars and summoning the boss. Beatable in 3 phases. Encounter 2: Gilgamesh, Aged Champion of Akka: You will find Gilgamesh in the center of a hive Colloseum, waving to the hive in the stands and raising his giant sword in the air. As you enter, the screen blurs and you hear Eris Morn whisper “Gilgamesh’s blood is the blood of the Sword Logic. Break his blade.” Then the encounter starts. Gilgamesh( I’ll call him G for now) turns to face you, and his sword begins to glow. There is a blue aura surrounding the hilt. He will run at you, and for now you can avoid him and do some DPS. Be careful. One hit from his sword kills you AND heals him. Soon G will roar and the hive from the stands will pour into the collosium, and G will disappear. Killing an enemy grants a stack of the buff “Sword Logic.”It is optimal for every player to get 50 stacks, but the horde will stop after 40 seconds. After this, swords will spawn around the edge of the collosium, and G will re-appear. Now is the big chance to DPS. Grab a sword and whack him. Because your Sword Logic total stacks are greater than his, you can tank his hits for a bit. Once of his hits takes away 15 stacks, but he can only hit one player at a time. After a bit he will raise his sword in the air and the pommel begins to shine. The timer “G prepares to overcome the Light” begins to decrease from 30 seconds. If you don’t shoot his hilt until he staggers, you will die. If you do, fat damage is dealt he will TP away. Repeat the process twice, starting from the horde. 2 phases to kill. Can you guys think of a cool raid boss? Maybe Eil, Yul, and Ur?

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