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10/12/2018 9:56:54 PM


If youre looking for an active clan, and sick and tired of people spamming your inbox on this website, talking about how they are the best clan out there, but when you join its the complete opposite, then join us. This clan was created for that reason and that reason alone, because just like you we all got scammed the same way. So we created a clan so that won't happen again. This clan is split into four groups, Team Raid, Team Crucible, Team Strikes, and Team Story lines and Missions and Bounties. Do not be afraid to ask for help or join other clan members in game, we do not have to be the BEST clan to be active. Therefore only ACTIVE people are accepted. If you are coming here for clan loot and to freeload, dont even THINK about joining, as you are not needed. The clan leader is online almost everyday, so feel free to ask him for any help if you join. Contact leader via discord, bungie clan chat, or on PSN. Every other day or so, members are kicked for being inactive and antisocial, so there is no need to worry about a clan full of people who do not play, and only half are online. Do NOT recommend friends who are not always active, they will not be allowed to join. The leader is 1Stop4Gamers and here is the clan discord and his yt channel. JOIN PSN COMMUNITY AS WELL: Destiny 2 Raid Heads PSN: BigDread305x

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