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Изменено (LuciferVeron): 10/12/2018 12:17:33 PM

I keep getting Tangled Web Gear from my engrams and prime engrams

Ok I noticed for the past 2 weeks that every single time I complete a challenge which rewards a powerful gear I always get a piece from the Tangled Web armour set, same thing goes for my prime engrams, all the rewards for weekly and daily challenges, its on a rare occasion that I get something different and even then its just stuff like prodigal mark. I dont understand whether this is a glitch or RNG really hates me. I should also mention that I used to roll with a full set of Tangled Web armour set, and whenever I got any engrams it always got me more of the same gear. If anyone else has had this problem of getting the same gear over and over again please let me know, and if there is a solution to this I would welcome it with pleasure.

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