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Изменено (Kharik): 10/12/2018 6:36:25 AM

[BUG] Clash and Control in Competitive playlist doesn't track properly on Bungie. Affecting other tracking sites

When playing Clash and Control via the Competitive playlist, the Bungie website or app seem to have difficulty tracking them. This in turn (I'm guessing here) affects other tracking sites such as DestinyTracker. Recreate the bug: * Go to any players profile on Bungie.Net and view their Game History * Sort on All: This [b]will[/b] show the matches properly * Sort on Crucible: This will [b]not[/b] show any Competitive Clash or Control matches. Please this screenshot that shows the difference: There also seems to be an issue with Breakthrough, since external tracking sites aren't showing stats for it. I don't know if that is because of something on Bungies end or not though.

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